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What is my age?

What is my age? - Keep track of your age and your loved ones!

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What is my age? - Keep track of your age and your loved ones!
Want to know how old you are, or keep track of the age of your loved ones, pets, or even plants? Age Widget has got you covered!
With Age Widget, you can easily add a beautiful and customizable widget to your homescreen, displaying your age or the age of anyone or anything else you want to keep track of. Simply enter the date of birth, add a title, choose your favorite colors, and voila! You'll have a stylish and informative widget right at your fingertips.
But that's not all - Age Widget also includes an incremental timer that shows your age with each passing second. This unique feature adds a dynamic and fun element to the widget, making it even more engaging and exciting to use.
Whether you're celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or just curious about how many days you've been on this planet, Age Widget makes it easy to keep track of your age and other important dates. You can even use it to create fun and personalized widgets for your friends and family members, with their own titles, colors, and incremental timers.
- Add and customize multiple age widgets for yourself and others
- Choose from a variety of widget sizes and designs
- Customize your widget with your own title and color scheme
- Watch your age increment in real-time with the incremental timer feature
- Easily edit or delete existing widgets
- Use the app as a fun and creative way to celebrate birthdays and milestones
- Download Age Widget today and start keeping track of your age in style, with a twist!

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